AposHealth® Can Help You by Fixing the Way You Walk

AposHealth® is FDA-cleared for treating knee osteoarthritis, to help temporarily reduce knee pain and improve lower extremity function.
It is also a non-FDA cleared wellness device which can help patients live well with other musculoskeletal conditions such as chronic low back pain.

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What is AposHealth®?

AposHealth® uses a clinically proven method to treat knee pain – correcting the way you walk. AposHealth® is based on a personalized footworn device, that offloads the pressure from your painful joints, and re-educates your body to correct abnormal walking patterns. In clinical trials, AposHealth® was shown to decrease knee pain and improve function.

Apos Method

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Clinical Results of AposHealth®

After serving more than 100,000 patients worldwide and 15 years of research and development, the results of AposHealth® on knee osteoarthritis patients speak for themselves.


Reduction in painkillers1


Average better function2


Average reduction of pain2


Said they expect to
delay or avoid surgery3


Would recommend to
family and friends4

Our Patients Share Their Stories

Robert L., 62

“The first day I came in here, I cried—because I could walk normally again. Out of all the treatments I’ve done, this has been the most effective.”

Rex T., 70

“To me it’s one of the neatest things that I’ve ever gotten involved in because it does work that well. I was skeptical at first, but the first time I walked in them, I was sold.”

Joy A., 55

“It feels great. I don’t feel the pain in my knees and back anymore. Please share this with the world, I am so happy.”

Juan V., 52

“I have osteoarthritis in my knees, and it was really difficult for me to move around. Now I feel great—a lot better than when I came in!”

Freena A., 64

“After walking in Apos shoes, everything about my knee and lower-back pain improved. Oh God! I feel perfect now.”

Christina H., 69

“I could hardly walk and had knee replacement surgery already booked. Apos shoes saved me from a life of pain and gave me back my freedom.”

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Is AposHealth® Right for You?

AposHealth® is generally not suitable for people who suffer from severe balance problems, diabetic foot issues or Rheumatic disease (if the condition is systemic and primarily non-orthopedic such as RA, Lupus, etc).

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1) Patients experienced a 58% reduction in painkiller consumption during treatment
2) Patients experienced 60% average improvement in function and 70% average pain reduction after 6 months of treatment (n=111)
3) 87% of candidates for surgery said they expected to delay or avoid surgery based on the initial results of AposHealth® based on an external patient satisfaction survey done for BUPA health insurance on 150 Bupa patients with knee pain.
4) 98% of patients said they would recommend AposHealth® to friends and family based on an internal patient satisfaction survey done on 176 NHS patients diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis